Guide for Applicants

Guide for Applicants

The formal requirements of the FRESCO@CNAP calls are mentioned in the full text of the call that you may find on the website Here you will see what you need to upload.  Please be aware that it is only possible to apply for the scholarships online.

Please find below an explanation regarding the application/motivation letter as well as the project description and the table of ethics issues that should be uploaded along with the application. Apart from these documents, you need to upload a detailed curriculum vitae, a list of publications (if you have any), and documents that you fulfil the ESR eligibility criterion, such as a scanned copy of your Master’s diploma.


The application is a motivation letter, one page where you give a description of yourself, your education and your motivation for the PhD scholarship.

Project description:

We expect you to write two to three pages describing what you find to be interesting research topics within the framework of the CNAP research areas. This project description should include: background; research problem and novelty; state of the art. The part about the state of the art must include the most relevant peer reviewed publications in the field. This project description is used to assess your ability to identify relevant and novel research questions as well as your ability to select the most relevant peer reviewed articles in relation to your project.

Table of ethics issues:

You should upload a table of ethics issues disclosing any potential ethical issues in relation to your research proposal. The table should be uploaded in the "Attach other documentation - if relevant" section of the online application portal.

You are welcome to apply this table as a template:

(This table is inspired by the Horizon 2020 Programme Guidance How to complete your ethics self-assessment.)

Additional guidance:

You are welcome to contact the relevant CNAP Professor (based on your research interests) in order to discuss the potential project description. If you are not sure which Professor to approach, please contact Professor Thomas Graven-Nielsen for guidance.