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Working Conditions

Working Conditions

All PhD students at CNAP are part of a Research Interest Group according to the topic of their PhD project. As a FRESCO@CNAP fellow you will therefore become part of a larger group of colleagues who share your primary research interest. We strive to foster a sense of community among all researchers regardless of rank and to create a friendly and supportive working environment. We believe that this is best way to ensure world class scientific results.

CNAP is a very international workplace with approx. 40 % of the staff being Danish, while 60 % comes from 14 different countries. We strive for an equal gender balance and at present have a 50/50 distribution of men and women.

FRESCO@CNAP fellows receive a competitive salary including all university fees, health insurance, experimental running costs, funding for travel, and well-equipped office and laboratory facilities. The salary covers ordinary Danish living and housing expenses.

Please find more information about working at Aalborg University, living in Denmark etc. at the homepage of Aalborg University’s International Staff Unit: www.isu.aau.dk