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Center for Neuroplasticity and Pain

Call for several PhD Scholarships at FRESCO@CNAP (21-18073) - Application Deadline 27 November, 2018

Last modified: 21.09.2018

At Center for Neuroplasticity and Pain (CNAP), SMI®, several PhD scholarships are available (21-18073).

The scholarships are within the Marie Sklodowska-Curie programme FrontierRESearchCOmpentences@CNAP, FRESCO@CNAP, and part of the general PhD study programme “Biomedical Science and Engineering”.

The scholarships are open for appointment from 1 February, 2019 or soon thereafter. Application deadline: 27 November 2018. For further information, please see the complete call.

You may obtain further information from Professor Thomas Graven-Nielsen, phone: +45 9940 9832, email: tgn@hst.aau.dk concerning the scientific aspects of the scholarships.