Center for Neuroplasticity and Pain

Pain Research – the mid-term perspective. Symposium and reception March 4, 2020

Last modified: 05.03.2020

Please enjoy a few pictures from the symposium “Pain Research – the ‘mid-term’ perspective” and the following reception celebrating the 25 years anniversary in pain research at AAU and 50 years birthday of Centre Director Thomas Graven-Nielsen.

Stephen B McMahon, Sherrington Professor of Physiology, King’s College London, presenting: Basic pain research – The era from Prof. Wall to modern pain science:


Prof Troels Staehelin Jensen, Professor of Neurology, Aarhus University, Denmark, on Novel achievements in clinical pain science:

The eagerly listening audience:

Prof. Thomas Graven-Nielsen presenting on Linking basic and clinical pain research by experimental pain research:

Prof Lars Arendt-Nielsen, CNAP, and President of The International Association for the Study of Pain, IASP, highlighting The Global Landscape: Pain research, management, education, and advocacy:

Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Prof. Lars Hvilsted Rasmussen delivering an address to centre director Thomas Graven-Nielsen:

Centre director Thomas Graven-Nielsen sporting his new tie in CNAP colours: