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Pain Researchers are helping to fight the Coronavirus

Last modified: 03.04.2020

A person with the Coronavirus has valuable insight into exactly what symptoms the virus causes. Still, a symptom-free person can also contribute useful knowledge.  It is unclear who is more likely to express mild, moderate or severe symptoms. Shellie A. Boudreau, from CNAP, Department of Health Science and Technology at Aalborg University together with AAU researchers Sinead Holden, Meg Duroux, and Henrik Bøggild recently launched a study to map the location and intensity of symptoms as they appear on the body.

The project uses a pain-mapping tool (Navigate Pain) initially designed to investigate pain mechanisms and patterns.  Combining the severity and location of symptoms on the body with other important questions such as fever, shortness of breath and stomach problems, can lead to the identification of symptom patterns and risk groups.

Rapid Response

The study, C19 SymMaps, launched within 7 days after the Danish authorities announced Universities and schools were to close. The goal was to capture symptoms in the rising wave of the pandemic in Denmark.  The data collected will provide a unique ‘picture’ of Coronavirus in Denmark, and in the long-term, may be used to identify risk groups and in the testing of vaccines.

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