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Center for Neuroplasticity and Pain

Several PhD Scholarships at CNAP (21-19034) - Application deadline is 14 June 2019

Last modified: 04.06.2019

At Center for Neuroplasticity and Pain (CNAP) (www.cnap.hst.aau.dk), SMI®, Department of Health Science and Technology, Faculty of Medicine, several PhD scholarships are available. The scholarships are part of the general PhD study programme “Biomedical Science and Engineering”.

The scholarships are open for appointment from 1 August, 2019 or soon thereafter. Application deadline: 14 June 2019. For further information, please see the complete call.

We support students who have an ambition to conduct frontline research on novel tools for identifying and modulating human pain mechanisms and related neuroplasticity. Please find more information on our website: www.cnap.hst.aau.dk.

CNAP offers: Several PhD scholarships are available to explore neuroplasticity and pain, with the aim of developing models for pain provocation, probing and modulation. We are committed to offering our PhD fellows the best possible research training. You will join Aalborg University’s Doctoral School in in Medicine, Biomedical Science and Technology with more than 200 enrolled PhD students. In addition to getting first class supervision from your supervisors who will guide you in the process of conducting and completing your PhD project, you will have access to a range of different PhD courses. Some will be of specific scientific relevance to your own project, while others will be of a more general character offering you training in transferable skills such as communication, research and project management, or entrepreneurship. Your scientific education will be supplemented with participation in joint events like journal clubs, workshops, symposia, and international conferences.

You may obtain further information concerning the scientific aspects of the scholarship at http://www.cnap.hst.aau.dk or from Professor Thomas Graven-Nielsen, DMSc, PhD: tgn@hst.aau.dk.