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Who is CNAP? What drives us? What are we currently working on? On this page, some of our team members give an insight into CNAP.

Armita Faghani Jadidi

Armita Faghani Jadidi, PhD fellow

My main interest is to explore the underlying brain mechanism in a phantom limb pain process. It may contribute to finding related biomarkers and based on that possible enhanced treatment for this phenomenon.

The aim of my current study is to investigate the effects of different electrical stimulation patterns on excitability of the corticospinal tract in healthy subjects and amputees with phantom limb pain. This can lead to a better understanding of the sensory-motor cortex relationship and finding a possible optimum pattern to enhance phantom limb pain relief.

Marco Rizzo

Marco Rizzo, PhD Fellow

I am interested in exploring the neurophysiological and psychological features of the human brain and how the manipulation of these characteristics affects the individual pain perception.

My research line aims to investigate - through the EEG - the cortical interaction occurring with the combination of illusory movements obtained with a mirror box and actual painful stimuli. The following objective is to probe whether a mirror box training in healthy subjects causes a neuroplasticity process in the sensory-motor cortex. The discoveries might be fundamental to develop therapies for patients with phantom limb pain.