The best possible research training

Our aim is to offer our FRESCO@CNAP fellows the best possible research training. As a FRESCO@CNAP fellow you will join Aalborg University’s Doctoral School in in Medicine, Biomedical Science and Technology with more than 200 enrolled PhD students. You may find more information about the Doctoral School, including its rules and regulations, assessment forms, and different templates here.

Apart from getting first class supervision from your supervisors who will guide you in the process of conducting and completing your PhD project, you will have access to a range of different PhD courses. Some will be of specific scientific relevance to your own project, while others will be of a more general character offering you training in transferable skills such as communication, research and project management, ethical issues, Intellectual Property Rights or entrepreneurship. Hence, you will receive individual training through research by undertaking your PhD project and research courses within the area of pain neuroplasticity. Your scientific education will be supplemented with training in transferable skills and participation in joint events like journal clubs, workshops, and symposia.

We expect that our FRESCO fellows will serve as first movers in a new generation of researchers capable of exploiting the synergies between different research disciplines and technologies. You will be part of an endeavor to optimize and boost innovation and advance the scientific area of biomedical and neural engineering together with basic and integrative neuroscience within the CNAP research groups.

The ambition of CNAP is to identify and modulate key features of human pain neuroplasticity leading to prevention of maladaptive neuro-plasticity and promotion of advantageous neuroplasticity. We keenly believe that this can be achieved through a systematic engineering approach, including provoking, probing and modulation of the dynamic neuroplastic properties of the pain system. All our research groups are highly interdisciplinary and include experts within e.g. biomedical engineering, neuropsychology, pharmacology, biophysics, and medicine. You will be offered relevant collaborative research training and/or research visits to external research centres outside Denmark, such as the FRESCO@CNAP partners that presently include recognised experts from clinical and academic institutions as well as non-academic institutions in ten different countries. Thus, you will obtain intersectoral experiences from companies within biomedical technologies for pain research and imaging laboratories.